Other drivetrain options: (from Adventure Cyclist Review – Read Entire Article Here)

As if the traveling cyclist’s drivetrain dilemma weren’t complex enough, here’s a list of some less traditional options, in addition to the well-known Rohloff internal geared hub:

• Sturmey Archer offers a dizzying array of internal geared hubs, including hybrid hubs (internal geared hubs that also accept traditional cassettes). sturmey-archer.com
• Shimano 7- and 8-speed Nexus internal geared hubs, as well as 8- and 11-speed Al ne internal geared hubs (marketed for city and commuter bikes, these hubs may not be durable enough for loaded touring). shimano.com
• NuVinci continuously variable internal geared hubs (again, durability for loaded touring is questionable). nuvincicycling.com
• Schlumpf Innovations builds a trio of internal planetary-geared two-speed cranksets that double the gear range of an internal geared hub. cyclemonkey.com/schlumpf-innovations.shtml
Patterson Transmission, made by FSA under their Metropolis line, is a two-speed crankset similar to the Schlumpf models but significantly less expensive. pattersonbike.com
• Truvativ HammerSchmidt is a beefy two-speed planetary crankset designed for mountain bikes.
• Pinion gearboxes are internal gearsets that house the bike’s entire bottom bracket assembly (and thus cannot be retro tted) and are now available through multiple bike manufacturers in the U.S., including Tout Terrain, Carver, and others. pinion.eu/en

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